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Robotic SmartChair

The Hstar SmartChair is much more than just a wheelchair. It will be a virtual companion and protector of the wheelchair rider

dramatically enhancing patient safety and playing an active role in the patient’s rehabilitation and health management.












Key features and benefits include:

Robotic perception –Sensor-based detection of hazardous conditions, with automatic safety stop and collision avoidance Smoothly navigate gaps and bumps Enhance patient safety: prevent tips, falls, and collisions
  Automatically lock wheels when users enter or leave the chair  
  Provide active as well as passive restraints  
  Monitor speed and automatically initiate braking in crowded or hazardous conditions  
  Automatically stop or navigate around steps, drops, and objects (including other people)  
Omnidirectional– Mecanum wheels Easily navigate narrow passages in homes, eliminating the need for reconstruction of hallways and doorways often required for chair use Mobility at a whole new level. Activity area expanded. Move more like normal people
  Move in any direction – even sideways – to align better with a doorway, or slide into a tight spot  
Telepresence Monitoring Provide continuous vital function monitoring Enhance clinical care - within the clinical setting and beyond the hospital
  Provide ongoing telemonitoring of real-time patient and environmental data  
  Telepresence on demand – allowing either the patient or provider to initiate a session, a virtual medical visit  



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