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RoNA™ Serbot

Hstar introduced the first member of the RoNA™ family, RoNA™ SerBot - a robotic nursing assistant, in 2014. RoNA™ SerBot is a family member of Hstar Technologies' advanced, autonomous robotic nursing assistants derived from the company's award-winning flagship design, RoNA — the robotic patient lifting system. With in-home and in-hospital application models, RoNA™ SerBot is poised to radically improve human assistance practices.


In-home Assistance

Elderly, chronically-ill or otherwise infirmed people requiring general physical and cognitive assistance around the home can gain a greater sense of independence and mobility with RoNA™ SerBot.

In-hospital Medication Delivery

Employing proprietary medicine management software and a secure medicine cabinet, RoNA™ SerBot streamlines the time-consuming task of delivering medication securely and reliably from the pharmacy to patients. 

RoNA™ SerBot will be available in select models with optional feature customization.

RoNA SerBot Combine


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