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Hstar Unveils Robotic Nursing Assistant Prototype at ATA 2011

Cambridge, MA (May 2, 2011) - Hstar Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, unveiled its RoNA system (short for ‘Robotic Nursing Assistant’) at the American Telemedicine 2011 Conference in Tampa, Florida, April 30 – May 2.

Hstar demonstrated the mobile humanoid system in the advanced medical technologies exhibit area sponsored by TATRC and the US Army Medical Research and Materials Command. RoNA showed off her heavy lifting and omni-directional mobility, earning a spot on FoxTV Tampa Bay (see the video).

According to John Hu, Ph.D., CTO of Hstar, “RoNA will lead a new generation of autonomous robotic assistants that enable medical professionals to do more of the work they do best.” Dr. Hu went on to explain that our healthcare system needs a new paradigm.

Our population is aging, increasing demand for healthcare while our nursing shortage is becoming more acute, and economic pressures are forcing the entire healthcare system to find ways to reduce costs. To make matters worse, nurses experience the highest incidence of musculoskeletal injury among American workers, primarily back strain due to patient lifting, causing nurses to leave their profession years earlier than they otherwise would.

A robot that can assume the stress of heavy lifting and patient maneuvering, autonomously navigate the patient floor to check on patients, and deliver instant provider – patient voice and video communication on demand that will extend nursing careers, improve outcomes, and reduce the overall cost of care.

Dr. Hu made his points during a panel discussion of robotics in healthcare, also featuring Dr. Yulan Wang, CEO of InTouch Health, and Judith Mathews, PhD, MPH, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh.


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